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Purchase tickets to any club show

ClubsApp allows you to purchase and manage tickets for shows at all of your Clubs....all in one place. You can store tickets to a race day lunch at your local RSL Club along with tickets to a show at you favour Leagues Club.

How does it all work?

ClubsApp provides an application for Members to download, so that they gain access to information about their Club. This can be anything from newsletters, Club promotions and special offers to event ticketing etc. Clubs have access to a portal that allows them to send information to Members in real time ensuring a richer engagement with their Members.

Renew your membership directly from the ClubsApp

ClubsApp allows you to renew you membership from any location, using your smartphone or tablet. Just select the Club where you want to renew your membership, and pay using our secure payment gateway.

ClubsApp lets you know what's going on at all of the clubs you are a member of

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